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Smartphones have now become an essential tool of our lives, giving us a world of apps. We are more connected and organized than in past decades. However, many photo enthusiasts buy the latest phones for great camera qualities. After all, the best camera is often the one you have with you.

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How do you know the qualities of the best shooter?

Here we got you covered with a buyer guide for getting a great camera cell phone. 

You can enjoy triple and quad-camera phones with standard fare today. Generally, there are six types of cameras available today, with main properties.  

Standard Camera

This camera is used for capturing without zooming; this is usually the most frequently used camera. You will not find any phone without any camera abroad. 

Ultra-wide camera

LG introduced this version of the camera back in 2016. It can take pictures in the wider field of view, making it ideal for group shots and landscape mode. This ultra-wide camera allows you to take wider-angle pictures without using panorama mode. Ultra-wide cameras are available in various latest model phones such as Samsung Galaxy A and Galaxy M series, Motorola`s G series, and Xiaomi`s Redmi Note devices. 

Telephoto Camera

The latest telephoto camera is known as hybrid zoom, for example, P30 Huawei has a 3X telephoto camera that can deliver hybrid zoom images. 

Some manufacturers are trying to manipulate the difference between native and hybrid zoom. The Samsung company claims about Galaxy S21 are a 64MP telephoto camera that possesses the qualities of 3X hybrid optic zoom. It is a form of hybrid zoom, as Samsung presumably invented the “hybrid optic” technology to highlight their product in the market.    

Macro Camera

This latest macro sensor camera allows you to take extreme close-up pictures. It works magically to capture little objects such as insects, reptiles, flowers, and coins. Therefore, these cameras have lower resolution with MP2  and lack autofocus. Although, some companies are offering a higher resolution of 5MP cameras too.  

Monochrome Camera

These are best to improve low-light performance; the lack of color filters visibly enhances the light capabilities. Portrait mode is famous to get more in-depth effects of image. 

Huawei was recognized as the first company to offer a secondary monochrome sensor phone which is Realme`s, Nazro 30 series. Although, these cameras work best to take black and white photos, rather not so perfect to use for black and white images changed through applying filters.  

3D ToF and depth Sensor

Depth sensors are often used to take photos in portrait mode. The sensor capturing information ensures about the focus and background out of focus. 3D ToF sensors are essential for using an in-depth sensor, capturing accurate depth information. 

In-depth sensors are mostly available on cheaper handsets, whereas high-end phones offer 3D ToF sensors. Most of the phones use software-driven portrait mode for taking selfies. 

How many cameras do you need?

Zoom cameras are generally restricted to high-end phones, as their components are expensive than the micro sensor and ultra-wide cameras. Main zoom cameras have a variety of perspectives and unparalleled flexibility. Most of the reputed companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei offer the two-focused camera. 

Still, thinking about making a choice?  Well, it comes to your personal choice.  

If you are travel enthusiastic then maybe ultra-wide is a great pick for you. If you are a sports lover then a zoom camera can get you closer to your dream photoshoots. 

Explore your option to get the best phone on market, having the camera according to your taste and choice.

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