iPhone Common Problems

What to do when your iPhone starts acting up?

Looking up for a quick fix…?

We have few for you.

This essential guide can give you a quick solution to fix your common iPhone issues. These fixes are quicker and not going to cost you a dime. In this article, we are going to discuss few iPhone problems such as:

  • WiFi connecting issues
  • Won`t update
  • Freezes
  • Overheating 
  • Battery Draining 
  • Slow Speed

If still, your issue doesn`t resolve you have to go for outlets to find quality repairing options. You can avail multiple options for iPhone repair Regina on the same day.

Won`t connect to Wi-Fi


iPhone won`t connect to a public/private network

The Fix:

Swipe up to the iPhone control center and tap the Wi-Fi, wait for few seconds to turn it back on. 

Disconnect from all Wi-Fi and then reconnect again. 

If this effort fails to work, try again same action with Airplane mode. Next, if the problem doesn`t resolve, go into settings and click forget network Settings> Wi-Fi then tap back for the network connection. 

If these all methods fail, there may be a problem with your Wi-Fi network. Reset the router, and try again after few movements. 

Won`t Update


The iPhone won`t able to update to the newest version of iOS. 

The Fix:

Conduct a force start and your phone will shift into a recovery mode. When the option of update pop-ups,  click it for updating . Once updating is completed for all the applications you can use your phone. 



Your iPhone hangs in the middle of something important, that sucks and leaves you in distress. 

The fix:         

Try the Restart option; this can slow the speed of the phone, ending all ongoing tasks. Don`t panic here, your data is safe such as photos, contact lists, and email. There is higher possibility of losing the email/ document in the middle of writing. 

The force started reacts in different ways to different iPhone models.  



While staying at a higher temperature for longer your phone issues you warning for overheating. Need to cool it down properly before using it, change your place from an extremely heated atmosphere.  

The Fix

Please don`t try keeping it in the fridge or freezer for cooling, it could be dangerous. Remove the case first, and get away from direct sun exposure. A better option is to wait for natural cooling; you can switch to Airplane mode during the waiting period.  

Battery drains too quickly


The battery runs out too quickly, which reduces the usage of the phone. 

The Fix:

Few tricks can help you get more time with the existing battery of the iPhone. There is a newly introduced feature of iOS 11 to check battery health. The battery Beta health system tells you about the changes with the phone battery over time. Turn down the screen brightness to control the battery usage. Turning down background apps and refresh helps, head to settings>General>Background app refresh. 

Slow speed


Phone functions seem to slow down with frequent use. 

The fix

There are several ways to speed up your iPhone. Delete apps, not infrequent, runoff background apps for refreshing. Clear cache to increase the speed of phone.

If the problem doesn`t solve after these fixes, Backing up the phone and resetting to factory setting options stop any errands. 

However, if you are still not able to solve your phone issue, take it to an apple store. Remember, that reliable fixes are carried out by Apple verified Resellers at reasonable prices. 

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